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Maricelina Caro

An impassioned medical professional with a rich background in both medical practice and psychiatry, I have spent a decade delivering crucial care to individuals with mental health needs. With a fervent interest in the crossroads of physical and mental well-being.

My journey began as a medical doctor at a state psychiatric hospital, where I spent a decade providing essential care to patients with mental health needs. During this time, I developed a profound interest in the intersection between mental and physical health, and I was determined to enhance my understanding of psychiatric care.

Maricelina Caro

About M.Caro

While practicing at the psychiatric hospital, I eagerly observed and learned from my esteemed psychiatric colleagues. I closely studied their notes, attended conferences, and engaged in thought-provoking discussions about psychopharmacology for the medically ill. Through this valuable experience, I realized the immense potential of combining my medical expertise with psychiatry to offer comprehensive and holistic care to patients.

I embraced the role of an internist in the psychiatric setting, which allowed me to support my colleagues by monitoring and managing medication side effects. I also focused on identifying and stabilizing medical conditions that contributed to mental illness. This collaborative approach ensured the safety and well-being of our patients while fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between physical and mental health.

Motivated by my passion for learning and my commitment to providing the best care possible, I took up the challenge of practicing primary care via telemedicine. Though challenging, it proved to be a transformative experience. To prepare myself for this endeavor, I embarked on a personal learning journey, creating a dedicated folder on my desktop aptly named “Learn Psychiatry.” This self-directed study led me to explore interesting cases, delve into journal articles, and study treatment algorithms.

Thirst of Knowledge

Today, my desktop is a testament to my dedication and thirst for knowledge. It overflows with a wealth of resources, including links to esteemed organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, Neurosciences Education Institute, Psychopharmacology Institute, and UpToDate. Moreover, my passion for staying informed extends to my memberships with both the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association, which consistently provide valuable journals and updates.

As I continued to grow professionally, my performance reviews and patient feedback reaffirmed my commitment to excellence. However, I felt that to truly fulfill my aspiration of managing complex psychiatric diseases, I needed the privilege of a residency in psychiatry. The residency would grant me the opportunity to immerse myself fully in this field, refining my skills and broadening my expertise.

My Goals

My ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between physical and mental healthcare. With my unique background in medicine and psychiatry, I am better equipped to assess how physical health affects mental well-being and vice versa. I envision a future where patients receive comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of their health, enabling them to lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

I embrace every opportunity to learn, and I am genuinely excited about the prospect of undertaking a residency in psychiatry. This privilege would allow me to deepen my knowledge, master the intricacies of psychiatric care, and gain invaluable experience in managing diverse conditions outlined in my marked-up DSM-5-TR.

Maricelina Caro

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